Artist Bio

Artist and Illustrator Beth Snider lives with her husband, who is an elementary school teacher, and her 4 children. She creates art in the Kansas City, Kansas and Missouri metro areas. For over ten years, she has worked as a professional mural artist. Beth has painted hundreds of murals in private residences and publicly, including such places as Cabela’s, Restoration Emporium, and other local businesses. Her murals range in size and variety from a one¬-story-¬high mural on a corrugated metal surface, to vibrant chalk drawings on roughly textured outdoor brick walls, to sprawling nature images encompassing corners and ceilings on bedroom walls. Some of her wall murals have even been featured on Beth’s projects of special interest in her free time include working with children through art lessons and directing community murals. Beth’s favorite artistic medium is watercolor and pencil illustration. She opened a new chapter in her career just two years ago, capturing her passion for whimsical themes and vibrant colors in illustrations for children’s books. She is now in the process of illustrating her third children’s book. She hopes to continue a career in illustration of both books and freelance illustrating. A connecting theme in Beth’s art is a child¬like creativity that inspires joy in whoever sees it ...She hopes that is what you find here!