Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take custom orders?
Yes, I take custom orders as my schedule allows! Whether you are an author, business owner, or art collector, we can communicate through e-mail to discuss your needs. This will begin a conversation where I can get an idea of what you want and I can let you know what I can do to serve you. You can ask me any questions about your unique project and I can tell you how I can make it come alive! You can e-mail me at

What Medium and Size of art do you offer?
I can do anything from an inside or outside wall mural (for those of you who are local or want to pay my travel expenses) to a large 3x4' acrylic painting on canvas or a small 8x10" watercolor sketch. I offer anything in between.

What are your prices?
Every project is different and unique. If you give me an idea of what you want and let me know your budget I can tell you what I can do for that amount or I will give you an estimate. The price I charge on each project depends on the detail, supplies are taken into consideration, but mainly, the cost is determined through time. A painting always looks better if I can spend more time on it. On large projects (over $500), I will outline your project through a contract so that you know exactly what you are getting for your cost. If I am painting a mural I charge for travel time in addition to cost of painting. Travel is Gas + $.55/mile (gov't mileage rate)

Do you ship?
Yes! I will ship anywhere as long as you pay the shipping cost. I usually use FedEX and insure the painting as needed. My clients have always been pleased with the condition of their art when they receive their packages! As for digital work, I will e-mail you your files, unless otherwise requested.

Do you create Logos?
I can create an image for you to use, with the full rights to reproduce and use as needed. As the artist, I will retain the original copyright to my created work.

Do you do community murals or live paintings?
As long as my schedule will allow it: Yes! I can paint on site for your event or come to your town. I charge for prep work, supplies, time painting, accomodations and travel.

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